Why Not Here

Music For Two Lyra Viols

Musik for several friends by Thomas Ford, Alfonso Ferrabosco, William Lawes, John Jenkins

Thomas Ford
Cate of Bardie
The Queenes Jig

Thomas Ford
A pill to purge Melancholie
Mr Richard Martin’s Thump
    • A Paven (M. Maynes choice)
    • The Galiard Forget me not The Baggepipes (Sir Charles Howards delight) Why not here (M. Cross his choice)
    • Cate of Bardie (The Queens Jig)
    • Fantasia
    • Passymeasures
    • A Fancy
    • Almaine
    • Galliard
    • Coranto
    • Go from my window
    • Go from my window
    • A Paven (Sir Richard Westons delight)
    • The Galiard
    • An Almaine (M. Westovers farewell)
    • Whipit and Tripit (M. Southcates Jig)
    • The Spanish Paven
    • Paven Aire

Friederike Heumann, Lyra viol & treble viol
Hille Perl, Lyra viol
Lee Santana, Renaissance lute
Michael Freimuth, Renaissance lute 


Why no There
H.Perl, F.Heumann Photo ©Dorothee Falke
H.Perl, F.Heumann Photo©Dorothee Falke
H.Perl, F.Heumann Photo©Dorothee Falke
Duo Heumann Perl

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